Stem Cell Environment and Skeletal Muscle Homeostasis

Bénédicte Chazaud
Name: Chazaud
First name: Bénédicte
Education: PhD in Cell Biology
Position: PI - Director of research - Team leader
Bench revolution: Macrophages that switch color depending on their inflammatory state
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: With beer…
Favorite saying: N'importe quoi ! (Nonsense!)

Guy Mouchiroud
Name: Mouchiroud
First Name: Guy
Education: PhD in Biology
Position: PI - Director of research
Project: Myeloid cells in skeletal muscle homeostasis
Bench revolution: In vitro 3D models for studying satellite cell niche
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: By autosuggestion
Favorite saying: Pourquoi pas ? (Why not?)

Rémi Mounier
Name: Mounier
First name: Rémi
Education: PhD in Biology-Physiology
Position: PI - Researcher - Group leader
Project: Role of energy sensors in muscle plasticity
Bench revolution: A robot like in IRONMAN i.e. rapid, accurate, efficient, skilful and cleaver
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Kilometers, kilometers and kilometers again
Favorite saying: Et tu veux une médaille ? (And you want a medal?)

Julien Gondin
Name: Gondin
Firstname : Julien
Education: PhD in Physiology
Position: PI - Researcher - Group leader
Project: Neuromuscular electrical stimulation and cachexia
Bench revolution: An electrical stimulator eliciting strong, non-fatiguing and painless muscle contractions
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Running and drinking wine from Burgundy (Of course!)
Favorite saying: T'es sûr? (Are you sure?)

Gaëtan Juban
Name: Juban
First Name: Gaëtan
Education: PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Position: Post-doc
Project: Inflammation and muscular dystrophies
Bench revolution: Single cell Transcription Factor ChIP-Sequencing
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Watching sport on TV
Favorite saying: C'est pas mal (That’s not too bad)

Anita Kneppers
Name: Kneppers
First Name: Anita
Education: PhD in skeletal muscle physiology and pathology
Position: Post-doc
Project: Metabolic regulation of skeletal muscle plasticity
Bench revolution: A ‘flag’ to distinguish the origin of signals coming from muscle fibers versus satellite cells
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Cycling to the lab
Favorite saying: Je m'excuse, je ne parle pas français (Sorry, I do not speak French)

Jimmy Massenet
Name: Massenet
Firstname : Jimmy
Education: Master degree in Genetics and Physiology
Position: PhD student - Cosupervised with Jeff Dilworth, OHRI, Ottawa
Project: Epigenetics and muscle stem cells
Bench revolution: Software to simulate stem cell behavior
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: With dumbbells
Favorite saying: No pain, no gain

Laure Gallay
Name: Gallay
First name: Laure
Education: Master degree of Immunology, MD in Clinical Immunology, Internal Medicine
Position: PhD student
Project: Myogenesis and dermatomyositis
Bench revolution: A clicker that induces myoblast differentiation
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Drinking green tea and swimming weakly (hmm, to tell the truth... monthly)
Favorite saying: Experience is the best teacher !

Dieu-Huong Hoang
Name: Hoang
First Name: Dieu-Huong
Education: Master degree in Genetic, Cellular Biology and Pathologies
Position: PhD student
Project: Interaction between endothelial cells and muscle stem cells in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Bench revolution: Endothelial cells that secrete colorful molecules
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Running in my dreams
Favorite saying: Bibbidi bobbidi boo

Aliki Zavoriti
Name: Zavoriti
First Name: Aliki
Education: International Master degree in Cancer Biology
Position: PhD student
Project: NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation to counteract skeletal muscle cachexia
Bench revolution: A magic mixture allowing only muscle stem cells to grow rapidly and differentiate efficiently
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Climbing the stairs every single morning all the way up to the lab
Favorite saying: Du coup (So)

XhorXhiana Panci
Name: Panci
First Name: Xhorxhiana (Georgiana)
Education: Master degree Integrative Biology and Physiology: from gene to pathology
Position: PhD student
Project: Roles of FibroAdipogenic Precursor cells in degenerative myopathies
Bench revolution: A machine to isolate the different skeletal muscle cells from whole dissected muscle, by pushing a button
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Going up and down (and up and down), in the stairs of the institute
Favorite saying: ...Ας πούμε (...Let's say)

Clara Bernard
Name: Bernard
First Name: Clara
Education: Master degree Signalisations and integrated Systems in Biology
Position: PhD student
Project: Roles of muscle stem cell environment after physiological muscle injury
Bench revolution: A stimulating machine that detects the exact number of damaged fibers, number of macrophages, level of molecules...
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: With a Compex NMES
Favorite saying: D'acc (Oki)

Joseph Touma
Name: Touma
First Name: Joseph
Education: Master degree of Surgical Science, MD in Vascular Surgery
Position: PhD student, visiting student from Fred Relaix's lab, Université Paris-Est
Project: Myogenesis, angiogenesis and lower limb ischemia
Bench revolution: “The” intra-muscular post-ischemia mega booster sauce
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: The daily superman-like helicopter game when lifting my son
Favorite saying: Mais bien sûûûr! (Of couuurse!)

Hà My Lý
Name: Lý
First Name: Hà My
Education: BSc in Medical biotechnology
Position: Master student, in collaboration with Julien Courchet's lab, INMG
Project: Role of AMPK-related kinases in myogenesis
Bench revolution: Satellite cells on muscle fiber staining show a stunning image under the microscope
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Eat Pasta – Run Fasta
Favorite saying: Que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be)

Michèle Weiss-Gayet
Name: Weiss-Gayet
First Name: Michèle
Education: PhD in Biology
Position: Engineer
Bench revolution: Cells that exhibit directly their phenotype avoiding cell sorting!
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: With friends and beer….
Favorite saying: C'est sûr ! (For sure!)

Michèle Weiss-Gayet
Del Carmine
First Name: Peggy
Education: DESS
Position: Engineer
Bench revolution: Mice that could say if they feel better after exercice
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: The best way to start a day: coffee and croissants
Favorite saying: En fait (actually)

Sabrina Ben Larbi
Name: Ben Larbi
First Name: Sabrina
Education: BSc in Biotechnology
Position: Research Technician
Bench revolution: Mouse genotyping by hair: WT=blue, KO=yellow, heterozygous=green... bye-bye PCR
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Dance, run after mice, aperitif
Favorite saying: Oups... (Oops...)


Post-doc - researchers

  • Isabelle Desguerre
    Isabelle Desguerre (2009-2014),
    Professor at Paris Descartes University and Necker Hospital (Paris, France)
  • Houda Yacoub-Youssef (2008-2010), Postdoctoral researcher, then senior scientist in Pasteur Institute (Tunis, Tunisia)

PhD students

  • Thibaut Desgeorges
    Thibaut Desgeorges
    "Crosstalk of Glucocorticoid Receptor and AMP-activated protein kinase in macrophages during skeletal muscle regeneration" (2015-2019),
    then post-doc in K. De Bock lab (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Jessica Bouviere
    Jessica Bouviere
    "Roles of selenoprotein P and glutathion peroxidase 3 in macrophage phenotype during skeletal muscle regeneration" (2016-2019)
  • Aurélie Trignol
    Aurélie Trignol
    "Role of RGTA in skeletal muscle regeneration" (2015-2019),
    then researcher at Institut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées
  • Linda Gsaier
    Linda Gsaier
    "Role of cell-autonomous regulation of metabolism on muscle stem cell fate and skeletal muscle homeostasis" (2015-2018)
  • Emmeran Le Moal
    Emmeran Le Moal
    "Oxidative stress and muscle regeneration" (2013-2016),
    then post-doc in F. Bentzinger lab (Sherbrooke, Canada)
  • Miniature Claire Latroche
    Claire Latroche
    "Interactions between satellite cells and endothelial cells in skeletal muscle" (2011-2015),
    then post-doc in L. Naldini lab (Milan, Italy)
  • Miniature Marine Theret
    Marine Théret
    "Role of AMPK in skeletal muscle homeostasis" (2011-2015),
    then post-doc in F. Rossi lab (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Miniature Cyril Gitiaux
    Cyril Gitiaux
    "Vascular remodeling during myopathies in the child" (2013-2015),
    then assistant Professor at Paris Descartes University and Necker Hospital (Paris, France)
  • Miniature Marielle Saclier
    Marielle Saclier
    "Role of macrophages in skeletal muscle regeneration" (2011-2014),
    then post-doc in G. Messina lab (Milan, Italy)
  • Rana Abou-Khalil (2005-2009), then post-doc in A. Brack lab (Boston, USA)
  • Ludovic Arnold (2004-2007), then post-doc at Pasteur Institute (Paris, France)

Technical staff

  • Miniature Eugenie Moulin
    Eugénie Moulin
    Assistant Engineer (2018-2019),
    then Research Technician at Cypath (Lyon, France)
  • Miniature Cuvellier Sylvain
    Sylvain Cuvellier
    Research Technician (2011-2014),
    then Research Technician at Institut Cochin (Paris, France)
  • Miniature Mélanie Magnan
    Mélanie Magnan
    Assistant Engineer (2010-2013),
    then Assistant Engineer at UMR 1137 (Paris, France)


  • Léa Bedja--Iacona (Master 1) (2020)
  • Cécile Fermon (Master 2) (2019)
  • Hà My Lý (Master 1) (2019) (Collaboration with Julien Courchet's lab, INMG)
  • Louise Fairey (Master ) (2019) (Collaboration with Julien Courchet's lab, INMG)
  • Louis Valensi (BTEC) (2019)
  • Cloé Paret (BTEC) (2019)
  • Charlène Bellet (BTEC) (2019)
  • Olivia Garnier (Master 1) (2019)
  • Emilie Charles (Master 1) (2019)
  • Ines Chaabani (Master 1) (2019)
  • Nina Margot (Master 2) (2018)
  • Tess Valin (Master 2) (2018)
  • Anatole Guillon (BTEC) (2018)
  • Roxane Cuzin (BSc) (2018)
  • Sophie Liot (Master 2) (2015, 2017)
  • Mathilde Lapoix (Master 1) (2017)
  • Alix Kemmel (Engineer student) (2017)
  • Clémence Baure (BTEC) (2017)
  • Camille Boisson (Master 1 and Master 2) (2016-2017)
  • Tifany Bouchet (BTEC) (2016)
  • Hugo Jarrin (Master 1) (2016)
  • Linda Gsaier (Master 2) (2015)
  • Thibaut Desgeorges (Master 2) (2015)
  • Abdus Anwar (BSc) (2015)
  • Elsy Ondo-Minkue (Master 2) (2014)
  • Niranjani Mahendran (Master 2) (2014)
  • Christelle Tamisier (Master 1) (2014)
  • Matthieu Chambouvet (BTEC) (2014)
  • Amel Kernou (Master 2) (2013)
  • Sabrina Mohamed (Master 2) (2013)
  • Marion Levi (Master 1) (2013)
  • Diaminatou Touré (Master 1) (2013)
  • Hamida Ardjoune (Master 2 and Assistant Engineer) (2012-2013)
  • Adrien Foucal (Engineer) (2012)
  • Gauthier Sobczak (Engineer student) (2012)
  • Paul Bardot (BSc) (2012)
  • Miliça Denic (BTEC) (2012)
  • Xan Errecart (Engineer student) (2011)
  • Valentin Leducq (Master 1) (2010)
  • Diane Paul (Master 1) (2010)
  • Estelle Bastien (BTEC) (2009, 2010)

Scientific visitors

  • Masoud Rahmati, Associate Professor at Lorestan University, Iran (2020)
  • Casper Sødenbroe, PhD student at Copenhagen University, Denmark (2020)
  • Jyoti Jaiswal, Professor at University of Washington, USA (2019)
  • Federica Venezia, MSc student at University of Modena, Italy (2019)
  • Nicolo Baranzini, PhD student at University of Insubria, Italy (2019)
  • Giorgio Caratti, Post-doc researcher at Ulm University, Germany (2019)
  • Fatima Zohra Nourreddine, Associate Professor at M’hamed Bougara Boumerdes University and Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene University, Algeria (2018)
  • Trirupa Chakraborty, BSc/MSc student at Indian Institute of Science, Education and research, Mohali, India (2018)
  • André Minari, PhD student at Federal University of São Paulo, Brasil (2017)
  • Tamas Varga, Post-doc researcher at Debrecen University, Hungary (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Abigail MacKey, Associate Professor at Copenhagen University, Denmark (2012)
  • Katarina Pegan, PhD student at Ljubljana University, Slovenia (2009)